Society Governance

Society Governance in a Nutshell

The Florida Native Plant Society's policy decisions are governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) composed of an Executive Committee, an FNPS Council of Chapter Representative, three Directors-At-Large, standing committee chairs, and the Executive Director who serves as a nonvoting ex-oficio member. Under the Bylaws, FNPS policy decisions are delegated to the Board of Directors who see that FNPS activities comply with all state and federal regulations. All FNPS chapters are first approved by the Board of Directors and must comply with the requirements (organizational, legal, and fiduciary) as described in the FNPS Bylaws.  

Control of the organization is ultimately in the hands of FNPS members. Members are responsible for voicing their preferences on all BOD decisions through their Chapter Representatives. All FNPS Chapter Representatives are members of a Council of Chapters with goals and powers that are defined by the BOD, and that supports the mission of the Society by providing information and coordination among the Chapters. The Council President is elected to serve on the BOD and Executive Committee and is required to attend BOD meetings, Executive Committee meetings, annual FNPS general membership meetings, and may be required to attend other FNPS Chapter meetings. Duties of alll BOD members are specified in the FNPS Bylaws.

The Society's Standing Committees organize and direct programs and assist with FNPS Chapter activities. Standing Committees are responsible for specific committee tasks and general tasks associated with organizational needs. Examples of Standing Committees are Communication, Conference, Conservation, Education & Outreach, Finance, Policy & Legislation, Membership, Land Management Partners, and Science Advisory. Questions regarding committee programs and tasks may be directed to BOD Members, the appropriate Committee Chairperson, the Executive Director or FNPS Chapter Representatives (see FNPS Contact Information).

FNPS has staff in charge of daily operations and FNPS programs. FNPS also has contractors that provide membership services, bookkeeping, financial audit, and publications (The Palmetto quarterly journal).   Miscellaneous services, such as conference registration, lobbyist, web site development and administration, grant writing, and grant services may also be contracted on an as-needed basis.   

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