Council Officers

The Council Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary collectively comprise the Council Officers.

Officers must be current or past Chapter Representatives.

Council Chair

  • Represents the Council on the FNPS Board of Directors and FNPS Board Executive Committee to provide an essential link between the Council and FNPS. 
  • Prepares, with input from the Council and Council Officers, and submits Council reports [Report Guidelines] to the FNPS Board of Directors and FNPS Executive Committee.
  • Reports Society and FNPS Board news to Council members.
  • Sets the Council meeting agenda and ensures it is posted or sent to the Chapter Representatives.
  • Leads Council meetings to create and maintain a pleasant and productive meeting environment.
  • Develops strategies and assigns Council or other resources to further the Council goals.
  • Monitors and ensures achievement of Council agendas and compliance with Board bylaws.
  • Trains his/her successor.

Council Vice Chair

  • Assists the Council Chair.
  • Acts on behalf of the Council Chair in his/her absence.
  • Heads the Orientation and Training subcommittee and schedules and organizes Chapter Representative orientation and training.
  • Trains his/her successor. 

Council Secretary

  • Assists the Council Chair as requested, including:
    • Suggesting agenda items based on previous meeting unfinished business;
    • Emailing meeting instructions and agendas prior to all full Council meetings;
    • Starting online meetings.; and
    • Disseminating polls and report requests.
  • Records minutes (including all motions and votes) of all full Council meetings and publishes a timely record on the Council website, with email, Forum, and Facebook notifications.
  • Keeps track of full Council meeting attendance and updates attendance spreadsheet on Google Drive.
  • Makes or requests updates and revisions to the Council website.
  • Updates instructions and provides assistance to facilitate the use of all adopted communication.
  • Monitors, records, and publishes poll and reporting results.
  • Posts and updates Council entries to the FNPS Calendar.
  • Keeps a record of subcommittee heads and their members. 
  • Heads the Administration subcommittee and ensures an annual review of the Council Guidelines is conducted and recommendations for revision are referred to the Council for approval. 
  • Trains his/her successor.
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