Chapter Key Activities

Typical Activities

Each Chapter develops its own unique blend of activities based on the composition of the membership. Some Chapters evolve to be "field trip Chapters," others become Master Gardener Chapters. Others focus most of their effort on advocacy and conservation efforts. It is a good idea to ask your membership at least annually to let you know what topics are of most interest to them. It is also a wise notion to track what types of activities draw the most participation.

No matter what type of FNPS Chapter you are, there are some key activities that you will perform. Here is a sample list of how you probably spend your time.

  • Public Programs and Business Meetings
  • Identification, Development and Distribution of Educational Materials
  • Participation in Florida Native Plant Society Governance
  • Chapter Board Meetings
  • Field trips
  • Public Programs for Partners and Community Organizations
  • Community Service Projects
  • Exhibits and Public Education at Community Events
  • Chapter Website

Planning the Chapter Year

If the chapter is incorporated or participates in the FNPS Group Exemption Letter (GEL) Program, you will be asked to summarize these activities and assign percentages to them. This Chapter Description Template can get you started as you analyze and describe the key activities of your Chapter, as well as assist with planning for the future.

In the pages related to specific Chapter Activities, we will, in fact, get specific.


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