Council Membership

Chapter Representation

The Council of Chapters consists of a representative from each Chapter.  These Chapter Representatives collectively comprise Council membership.

Each FNPS Chapter may select a Chapter Representative (Representative) in any manner consistent with their Bylaws and procedures.

A majority of Chapter Representatives may vote to censure a Representative up to and including a request for resignation for abuse toward others, disruption of the group process, or egregious behavior bringing discredit to the Council or FNPS.

Council Member Duties and Expectations

The Chapter Representative is the “information highway” between Chapter members and FNPS – and between FNPS and Chapter members.

Chapter Representatives are expected to:

  • Place a high priority on attending all meetings of the Council of Chapters to
    • Ensure their chapter is represented in a minimum of 4 online or in-person meetings per year.
    • Recruit a proxy if unable to attend a meeting.
  • Prepare to contribute to the discussion of any issues and business addressed at meetings by reviewing the agenda and any background materials posted on the Forum and by gathering information from their Chapter (including achievements, successful strategies, challenges, outreach, conservation activities, landscaping projects, LMR participation, advocacy, grants and fundraising, collaboration and partnerships, and notable events) in advance of the meeting.
  • Report to their Chapter to keep their local chapter members abreast of FNPS and Council meeting discussions, initiatives, programming, events, successful strategies shared by other Chapters, availability of new materials, new policies, reminders about administrative deadlines, and other relevant information.
  • Familiarize themselves with the FNPS and Council resources available to assist Chapters and Representatives.
  • Submit reports and respond to polls requested by the Council Officers. Report requests and polls may include questions about Chapter progress, successes and challenges, procedures, compliance, needs or other information needed for the creation of meeting agendas and formulation or successful completion of Council initiatives.
  • Participate in one or more subcommittees, if feasible, to help further Council work and initiatives.
  • Agree to resign their position if they become unable to carry out the responsibilities of Chapter Representative.
  • Train their successor.
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